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Streaming devices on the rise: just over 500 million in households

Chromecast grew faster than any streaming device this year even though gaming consoles lead the pack in TV streaming devices.

Nvidia Tegra K1 to power the latest Acer touchscreen Chromebook

With a move that has become expected of Acer, they are is putting a wide array of options for the latest Acer Chromebook on offer. Almost at the same time that Samsung decided to leave the European laptop market, a touchscreen variant of the latest Acer Chromebook is being put on the laptop market in the United Kingdom.

Google has a new way of naming things, developers’ ears rejoice!

The company we’ve all come to love, Google is changing the naming and structuring of close to be released Google Cloud Platform products to better suit what the teams developing them, call them, this new naming and structuring was in announced in a blog post by Google.

Google Glass’ voice captioning application is a miracle for the hearing impaired

A way for Google Glass to attract new users to the new form factor is for intriguing, helpful apps. A new application from the Georgia Institute of Technology enables people to have text captions from dictated words with an accompanying Android application.

Why Facebook is aiming for healthcare

It looks like Google is a big infliuence on Facebook. Facebook is deciding to not rest on its social media endeavors and they are aiming to diversify and expanding into new markets and industries. First, with the mobile toolkit Parse they aimed at app development and they tried an AdWords business model with Atlas. By buying up Oculus Rift, they even delved into virtual reality.

Android News: Galaxy S5 with Android L and more

As we sit here waiting for Google to release their new version of Android: Android L, mobile manufacturers are hard at work looking for ways of integrating the software with their own apps and interfaces. Samsung has made good progress on their own interface using the Android L, which got an early build of the software for the Galaxy S5.